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Staff- Teaching

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Stephanie Brenneke
English I (9th)

Kristin Buschjost
English II (10th)
Lit & Workplace

Erica Johnson
English III (11th)
Lit & Workplace

Gwen Braun
Algebra 1B (10th)
Pre-Calculus (11-12th)
Math Applications (11-12th)

Lisa Lackman
Geometry (9-11th)
Calculus (12th)

 Joy Northweather
Algebra 1A (9th)
Algebra I (9th)
Algebra II (10-12th)

Michelle Holtmeyer
Chemistry I CP (10th)
Chemistry AP (11-12th)

Marc Keys
Biology (11th)
Anatomy (11-12th)

 Allyson Rackers
Physics (9th)


Jilli Roberts
Physics (9th)
  Chemistry I (10th)
  Engineering Physics

Leroy Bernskoetter
American History (11th)

Nathan Holtmeyer
Civics (10th)
World Wars (11-12th)
Korean Wars (11-12th)

Renee Maples
World History (9th)

Foreign Language
Contact Annie King  Annie King American Sign Language
Contact Haylee Rethman  Haylee Rethman Spanish

Haylee Rethman
Spanish I (9th)
Spanish II (10th)
Media Production (12th)

Annie King
American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
American Sign Language III

Health & Physical Education
Contact Mike DeMilia  Mike DeMilia Health/Physical Education
Contact Ryan Fick  Ryan Fick Physical Education
Contact Ted LePage  Ted LePage Physical Education

Mike DeMilia
Health I, Health II
Life Time Fitness
Physical Education I

Ryan Fick
Physical Education II
Body Conditioning
Weight Training

Ted LePage
Physical Education

Agriculture, Business, Family Science
Contact Linda Cumpton  Linda Cumpton Family & Consumer Science
Contact Jayme Eichholz  Jayme Eichholz Business
Contact Candace Mitchell  Candace Mitchell Business
Contact Jeff Suthoff  Jeff Suthoff Agriculture Education

Jayme Eichholz
Computer Apps II
Business/Criminal Law
Desktop Publishing
Multi Media

Linda Cumpton
Foods I, Foods II
Catering, Clothing,
Career & Family,

 Candace Mitchell
Computer Apps I
Personal Finance

Jeff Suthoff

Fine Arts
Contact Sherry Francis  Sherry Francis Vocal Music
Contact Kayla Kehl  Kayla Kehl Art/Media Productions/Web Design
Contact Nicole Ulmer  Nicole Ulmer Instrumental/Vocal Music

Nicole Ulmer
Music Appreciation

Sherry Francis
Mixed Chorus
Select Choir

Kayla Kehl
Art I, Art II
Web Design

Learning Specialists
Contact Amy Blaha  Amy Blaha Learning Specialist
Contact Jennie Mayer  Jennie Mayer Learning Specialist
Contact Ed Neeley  Ed Neeley Learning Specialist

Amy Blaha
Learning Specialist

Jennifer Mayer
Learning Specialist

Ed Neeley
Learning Specialist

Other Staff
Contact Diane Eggen  Diane Eggen District Librarian

Diane Eggen
District Librarian

Christy Casey
Library Technician

Lisa Garritano
Library Technician

Tammy Newman
ITV Facilitator