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Transcript Request

What is a transcript?

A student's transcript is the official school record of courses taken, grades earned, class rank, cumulative GPA, and ACT score. Student records are maintained for the benefit of the student. They are used for promotion, instruction, career development, guidelines, and educational progress of the student.  

Types of Transcripts:

  • Official: This document contains the official school stamp, is signed by the high school principal, and is sealed in an envelope. Schools and colleges typically request official transcripts.
  • Unofficial: This is the same document but is not stamped or sealed. Scholarships typically request unofficial transcripts.

Who may request a transcript?

  • Student transcripts can only be released with prior written consent.
  • Consent is required from a parent/legal guardian if the student is under age 18. 
  • Students 18 or older must sign their own release; legally, a parent may NOT do so.

How do I order a transcript?

If you would like to order a transcript, please complete the Google form below. The Google form will e-mail the data to the high school office and a copy to the requestor. Staff will complete the order. There is no cost for ordering a transcript.

Click here to complete the Blair Oaks High School
Transcript Request Form