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Kristina Wortmann


"Kristina is always a breath of fresh air coming in smiling, even on crutches there's still a smile on her face. I can always count on her to do what I ask and more importantly find the importance of it and make herself better by doing it. I have no doubt she will be the same no matter where life takes her and I wish her the very best always."

"Kristina always does the right thing. I know that I can trust the things that she says and does. I have seen her choose the right thing, even when it would have been "easier" to make a bad choice."

Both Kristina & Isaac

"Isaac and Kristi are both great kids! Last year was my first year as a track coach and both of them offered multiple times to come and help the middle school kids. They were willing to give advice and show them how to properly do drills."" 


It is my pleasure to write about both Kristina and Isaac. I am super proud to have had both of them in my classroom, more for what they have taught me versus I them. These two are very deserving of all awards and recognitions, but thanks to the parents for raising them to be so awesome."

Isaac Prenger

"Isaac Prenger is a student that has Integrity. He displays this through his strong moral principles in his everyday life. For example, he is not one to follow in a crowd or take the same path as everyone else. This is apparent in his choice to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. Instead, he is one that will do something because he wants to, not because he was told to (unless it is from a Drill Instructor, NCO, CO). Isaac holds himself to consistent moral and ethical standards that his fellow classmates respect."

"I have enjoyed getting to know Isaac after having had the opportunity to know his siblings. He always impresses me with his attitude and work ethic. Most recently I tasked him with cleaning up my kitchen after FFA breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting at my desk and watching him take the lead, tasking others to do this, do that, all while he himself continued with the effort of cleaning. While this is just one example, this is Isaac all the time. I can always count on him to do what's right, fix what's wrong, and do it well."