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¡HOLA! My name is Brian Short, and I am the new high school Spanish teacher here at Blair Oaks. 

During this school year, my Spanish 1 class will be will be studying the fundamentals of the Spanish language.  They will be studying basic grammatical structures, vocabulary, as well as how to communicate using the language. 

In my Spanish 2 class, the students will be building on their knowledge from Spanish 1, they will also be studying more-complex grammatical structures, learning more vocabulary, as well as developing their communication skills in Spanish. 

There is more to Spanish than just the language.  In addition to the language, we will be studying different Spanish-speaking countries, and the culture within those countries, such as the food, music, and the way of life that has derived from the Spanish-speaking world.  

Again, I am so excited about this school year.  We are going to have so much fun, and the students are going to learn a lot! 

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Brian Short
Brian Short
Plan Period: 10:54-11:44 a.m.